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Getting Started

Welcome to P3 Pharmacy!

We are ready to work with you and your doctor to help you receive the best possible care. To get started, simply contact a P3 Pharmacy at 865-769-5180 or Toll Free 877-917-3266 and we will work with your doctor on the rest.

Individualized care

You will have access to a team of specialty-trained pharmacists, nurses and insurance representatives who are experienced in your condition.

Free shipping with safe, on-time delivery

P3 Pharmacy will schedule and quickly ship all your specialty medications – even those that need special handling, such as refrigeration.

Support anytime, 24/7

P3 pharmacists and nurses are available around the clock to answer all your questions about your medications and condition.

Refill reminders

P3 will contact you regularly to schedule your next refill and see how your therapy is progressing.

How to fill your prescription with P3 Pharmacy for the first time

  1. To get started with P3, call us at 865-769-5180 or Toll Free 877-917-3266. We will work with your doctor to get your prescription and we’ll contact your health plan about your benefits.
  2. Our Pharmacist or Registered nurse will contact you regarding first delivery and answer any questions.
  3. We will call you to schedule free delivery to your home on a date that works for you. We’ll ship your medication with any special handling it may need, such as refrigeration.

Existing Patient – How to refill your prescription

When it’s time to reorder, you’ll receive a communication (phone call or text) to schedule shipment, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of your medication.

If you are out of refills, your doctor can fax a new prescription to P3 Pharmacy at 865-769-5179.

If you’re ready to refill your medication, you can call us at the number on your prescription label or 877-917-3266.

Patient Forms

Patients forms available for download.